1st Time Contributing to Drupal

— with mparker17

Slides at mparker17.github.io/reveal.js-drupal_contributing/ Speaker notes at github.com/mparker17/reveal.js-drupal_contributing/blob/gh-pages/speaker-notes.html
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Who am I?

Current employersFormer employersQualifications
Digital Echidna, MallDatabase.com, Brady's Meat & Deli Environment Canada,
Myplanet, OpenConcept Consulting
Acquia Certified Drupal Developer, CS degree not completed at UWaterloo

What do I know about contributing to Drupal?

  • 6 years, 9 months on Drupal.org
  • I write the Drupal 8 Core Updates occasionally.
  • 48 commit mentions in Drupal 8.0 core, 3 commit mentions in Drupal 7 core
  • I (co-)maintain 5 modules (plus a few sandbox projects).
  • 244 commits to various modules, including Panopoly, Metatag, Examples, Environment Indicator, Search API Pages, Site Audit, and the Drupal.org theme Bluecheese.
  • 6 people list me as a mentor on Drupal.org; I've trained/mentored ~32 co-op students in Drupal for my employers.

Other notable things

  • I never completed a degree — no formal education
  • I have 19 mentors listed on Drupal.org
  • I'm a bit dyslexic
  • ... the point is, I'm not really all that special, and probably a lot like you.

Why get involved?

Some motivations for contributing to OSS:

  • You want to save yourself time in the future (i.e.: only spend effort fixing something once),
  • You want to help others in the same situation,
  • You got all this stuff for free, and now it is paying your bills, and now you feel like you should do something in return,
  • You want to get your name out there (gain "community karma") to help you find work in the future,
  • You want feedback from others (e.g.: for security),
  • You want to be influential / a thought leader / establish an industry standard and gain competitive advantage / loyalty,
  • You want to make the world a better place, etc.
Whatever your motivation(s), keep Drupal's code of conduct in mind!

How can I help?

You can still contribute to Drupal, even if you don't (or can't) code!



When should I contribute?

  • Volunteering?
    • Volunteer when you have time.
    • Don't burn yourself out! If you run out of time/energy, that's okay: the community can (usually) pick up where you leave off.
  • At work?
    • Easier to sell boss/client on contributing bug fixes.
    • Developed something new?
      • Ask permission from your boss/client to contribute it.
      • Consider splitting some of the work on company time, some on your own time.
    • Show off your latest project by writing a case study!
    Documentation on Convincing Senior Management to Give Back to Drupal is out there!

Attributing your contributions

If you happen to be using the issue queue, Drupal.org has a feature to let you attribute your contributions so you can give yourself / your employer / your client credit. There is now even a list of organizations ranked by number of contributions!

A screenshot of me attributing a contribution to my employer Brady's Meat and Deli. A screenshot of Acquia's 429 issue contributions in the past 3 months. A screenshot of Drupal's list of organizations.

Where do I contribute?

  • Drupal.org or one of its sub-sites:
  • drupal.stackexchange.com — support questions
  • On IRC (#drupal-contribute, #drupal-design, etc.) — chat rooms for people working with / contributing to Drupal.
  • IRL (at events like this, networking, BoFs, sprints, etc.)


But I'm not experienced / smart enough / qualified to help!
You're just as smart / qualified as the rest of us!
Hard for experienced people to identify UX/DX problems!
But I don't know where to start!
Lots of tools/programs to help (mentoring, novice tag).
Ask in #drupal-contribute (IRC)!
But I don't have enough time!
Maybe your employer does!
Some contributions are quick.
You'll get faster with practice.
But I don't have the "confirmed" role
Talk to me afterwards (or anyone with community role).


Resources, references, special thanks:

Slides at mparker17.github.io/reveal.js-drupal_contributing/